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  • Biscoff pizza
    Everyone loves biscoff biscuits ….. So why not try it on a pizza ! Thin crust 9’ pizza dough slathered in delectable biscoff, spread, salted caramel sauce and biscoff crumbs scattered on top.
    £ 5.00
  • Nutella Pizza
    Dessert pizza anyone ?
    A 9’ inch thin crust pizza dough topped with Nutella spread topped with marshmallows and chocolate sauce that warms and becomes gooey and more delectable with each bite
    £ 5.00
  • Loaded Fries
    luffy fries layered with tender marinated chicken grilled to perfection, peppers, sweet chilli, chilli and special sauces topped with jalapeño cheese and a spring onion garnish….. Can you think of anything better?
    £ 5.00